The Equirando, event of the National Equestrian Tourism Committee of the French Equestrian Federation, takes its name from the contraction of "riding" and "hiking". With around 1,000 participants from all over France and different countries (Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, etc.), it is the largest European gathering of riders and leaders practicing outdoor riding.

The concept

The concept is simple, each participant starts from where he wants and reaches the point of arrival, covering more than 100 kilometers with a horse, a donkey or a mule harnessed or mounted. The hiker organizes his stages as he wishes to discover the regions crossed at his own pace. They leave for a week or several months, from France or abroad, the routes are different but all have the same destination. Translated with (free version)

The Equirando, known for its festive atmosphere and its big parade, puts horse riding in the countryside and the French regions in the spotlight.

The French Equestrian Federation entrusts the organization of each edition of this unique event to an Organizing Committee of the host region. The participants are called Equirandins(ines).

"The largest European equestrian tourism gathering"

With the Equirando, set off to discover the regions: gastronomy, tourism, culture, landscapes... Equirandians from the four corners of France and Europe carry out a hike of at least three days - several weeks, even several months - to find this festive gathering which puts outdoor riding and the French regions in the spotlight. With a horse, a mule or a donkey, mounted or harnessed, everyone reaches the place of the festival at their own pace, which changes with each edition.

His history

The idea of ​​Equirando was born in 1961, when Henri Roque, a horseback rider, crossed France to Paris to meet the officials of the agricultural fair, and spoke on the way about the disappearance of the horse in everyday life. and in the army. He then organized a large gathering of outdoor horse riders at Puy du Fou, when summer came. The second edition, the summer of 1962, brought together more than 200 riders.

The event took the name of Equirando in 1987, from the contraction of "riding" and "hiking".

Annual until 2004, the event has since become biannual.

The Equirando in a few figures


In France & in Europe

It is the largest European gathering of Equestrian Tourism.



Once the hike is over, 3 days of celebrations and entertainment end this unforgettable moment.



A unique adventure alone or in a group that will make you want to start the next edition!

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