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The Equirando is an event open to all. The public may be present but, depending on the health crisis, they may have to present a health pass in accordance with the health rules put in place for this event.

The organizer reserves the right to implement preventive practices and/or more restrictive measures at any time in order to ensure that the spread of rhinopneumonia is limited.

On the Haras Henson site in Rue, the equine vaccine is not compulsory but strongly recommended.

Be careful, some organizers of the J- impose it. These can be identified on the interactive map available online. Veterinary checks will be put in place at the entrance gates to the site to ensure the good health of the equines arriving at the assembly site.

If the organizing committee is forced to cancel the Equirando for health reasons (prefectural decision), it undertakes to postpone registrations in 2023 under the same conditions on the proposed dates or to reimburse them, as desired.

The health certificate completed by a veterinarian is compulsory only for foreign riders, subject to other provisions related to the current equine health context.


The place and date of the 55th edition of the Equirando will be revealed very soon... stay tuned!

The Equirando is the biggest European gathering of equestrian tourism. Each edition takes place in a different region. In 2022, it is the Hauts-de-France which hosted it! Before arriving at the event site on D-day, the Equirandins must travel at least 100 kilometers on horseback or by carriage (or on foot/bike!), starting from where and when they want. At the end of their journey, a weekend of meetings and festivities awaits them: for 3 days, riders and drivers from all over France, Europe and beyond will be gathered. On the program: shows, animations, parade, rides, exhibitors' village, festive dinners, etc...

Access the Presentation page

It is not compulsory to leave with your own horse to participate in the Equirando. One solution is to rent a horse in a specialized structure. Another is to get closer to the clubs/equestrian centers/equestrian tourism centers that are also participating to join their team.

As for accommodation, you must bring camping gear (tent/motorhome/caravan, pillows, blankets, etc.) and parking gear for your horse (ribbon, stakes, drums).

Compulsory equipment:

  • your identity papers,
  • your FFE license (annual or green),
  • the identification book(s) of your horse(s), with up-to-date compulsory vaccinations (health certificate compulsory for foreign riders, subject to other provisions linked to the current equine health context),
  • your road book,
  • bucket.

It is recommended to have with you:

  • a first aid kit (human and horse),
  • a hoof pick,
  • a sponge,
  • an electric lamp,
  • maps and a compass.


No specific level (gallop) is required to be able to participate in the Equirando. However, a good knowledge of horseback riding/driving, mapping and roaming are necessary to cover at least 100 km.

To participate in the Equirando, you need an FFE license. If you don't have one, you can choose:

  • an annual license, at €36,
  • a green license, valid for 30 days (from the activation date you choose to schedule), at 10€.

The organizing committee can provide you with one. To validate your license, he will need: your surname, first name, date of birth, sex, postal address, nationality, telephone number, e-mail, surname and first name of a person in charge if the person is a minor (relationship ), as well as the date of commissioning if you opt for a green license.

The license can be validated once the payment is received.

Children can participate in Equirando under the responsibility of their parents. A specific tariff – from 16 years old has been planned for them. You can consult the price list.

Go to the Rates page

Registration is now closed for the 2022 edition.

Constitution of the teams

It is quite possible to form a team of one person.

You can come accompanied. Three options are available to the person(s) wishing to accompany you:

  • register at the “accompanying” rate: the person will have access to the bivouac, the toilets, the catering, the parade, etc… in the same way as an Equirandin.
  • request an additional meal for Saturday evening: the person will be able to participate in the festive evening on Saturday evening. Access to shows, events and the exhibitor village (food trucks and refreshments) also included. 
  • participate as an outside visitor: no access to the bivouac, nor to the catering, but access to the shows, the animations and the village of exhibitors (foodtrucks and refreshments). 


On average, you can cover 25 kilometers a day on horseback.

The elaborated approach routes are listed on our online interactive map. These routes will be checked, at least from the meeting point to each D-3, at best up to 100km distance. You can find the recognized portions on the map. Beyond these distances, and apart from the approach routes, we will not be able to ensure the recognition of the other routes as those present in the collaborative space.

You can absolutely take the start from another place than the one proposed.

If so, we invite you to consult GeoCheval, a veritable library of routes in which you will find plenty of information. The Classic Card is accessible to everyone. License holders will be able to connect to the Premium Card using their FFE identifiers and benefit from exclusive features (downloading of gpx tracks, IGN base map up to 1/25,000th, additional local circuits, etc.) .

You can also take a look in the collaborative space of the Equirando interactive map , or exchange with others participants by joining The Equirandins Facebook group!

You can find on our interactive map all information about the stages on D-1, D -2 and D-3 as well as a list of equestrian accommodation in the area.

Here are some options to best organize your trip:

  • be accompanied or joined by assistance
  • to go back and forth on horseback/in a team
  • pay for the services of a carrier to repatriate the horses
  • faire des randonnées en boucle ou en étoile autour du lieu de rassemblement

In the same way as the portions for riders of the approach routes, reconnaissance and verification work is in progress to ensure the accessibility of the teams (establishment of a variant if necessary), at least from the assembly place to each D- 2, at best up to 100km away. Outside and beyond these approach routes, we will not be able to provide reconnaissance. Routes and diversions will be updated over time on our interactive map.


The paddocks will be of "standard" size, i.e. about 25 m2 per horse.

The Equirandins will be accommodated on a large bivouac, very close to the toilets, the catering tent, the exhibitors' village, the show careers, events, etc... They will be placed in direct proximity to their horses and grouped by country/ regions. Each Equirandin must bring his camping equipment and something to park his horse as recommended in the mandatory equipment, above.


To be part of the volunteer team during this Equirando, you only have to complete the registration form, after having read and approved the Volunteer Charter.

Attention, for the 2022 edition, the registration as volunteers is now closed!

  • tag/untag,
  • build/deconstruct the paddocks,
  • support accommodation on D-1, D-2 and D-3,
  • welcome hikers (veterinary control),
  • organize the parade,
  • welcome outside visitors,
  • clean up droppings on public roads,
  • monitor the bivouac,
  • assist the hikers,
  • eEnsure the security,
  • etc…

Registration is now closed! Do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone.

The minimum age to join the volunteer team is 18 years old.

Would you like to be a volunteer during the Equirando?