Become a volunteer

The active participation of volunteers is necessary for the organization of the Equirando and ensures the riders are supervised, as well as the public, the success of the event.

Alone or with others, come and join the Equirando team of volunteers!


Deadline to register

Registrations are now closed.


Minimum age to volunteer at the event

The minimum age to join the volunteer team is 18 years old.


Volunteer period

The volunteer period is defined from one edition to the next. We will inform you when the next edition is planned.


During these 3 days, our volunteers allow this event that is the equirando, to take place in the best conditions. 

They are essential for this manifestation to live. We have listed some of their missions.

  • tag/untag,
  • build/deconstruct the paddocks,
  • support accommodation on D-1, D-2 and D-3,
  • welcome hikers (veterinary control),
  • to clear the tables,
  • organize the parade,
  • welcome outside visitors,
  • clean up droppings on public roads,
  • monitor the bivouac,
  • assistance to hikers,
  • provide security, etc...

Accommodation for our volunteers

Volunteers will be accommodated at the bivouac, like the Equirandins! It will therefore be necessary to plan your camp (sanitary facilities present on the site). Catering will be offered throughout the volunteer period (do not hesitate to inform us of your diets / allergies) when you register.